Обед (Конкурсное задание: Обед)

The elephant's mom called the elephant to eat. «I wonder» thought the elephant «The leaves on this tree look so delicious! Sadly I lost my appetite» he sighed and sat down in a shadow. Suddenly he heard: crunch crunch crunch «oh somebody else is already eating here» thought the elephant, a bit frightened. «Its me, nice to meet you!» said the giraffe, then a tiny head with tiny antlers came out of the tree. «Come to think of it, why aren’t you eating?» said the giraffe, «I lost my appetite» said the elephant, «Well lets find it then!» said the giraffe. Then he took a little green branch, and started chewing on it. «I can feel the appetite coming back to me, try it!» said the giraffe. The elephant nodded. Crunch munch crunch munch crunch munch! «Hooray! Now I found some appetite too!» said the elephant with a mouth full of leaves.
Комментарий члена жюри: Келли Херольд (Kelly Herold)
Good translation. I'd try to keep the same formatting as in the Russian.
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