Королевская корова

The Royal Cow
There was a boy who came to his mother and said:
“Draw me a cow. Please!”
And this boy’s mom wasn’t any ordinary mother. She was a queen! And the boy was consequently a prince.
And the queen thought, “Huh, I thought I can do anything. Fireworks for 3 days – easy! Forget fireworks, I can snap my fingers and boom! I could start a war! Or, let’s say, if I wanted to, I could have a castle built on an empty, absolutely flat, plain. Even with running water! But a cow – I can’t. I don’t have the skill! Maybe I could call the royal painter?”
The queen looked at her son, fixed his uneven, lace collar.
She gazed into the serious, grey eyes of the future king.
And realized; she’s going to have to draw it. By herself!
She sighed and took out a pack of pink paper with the royal monogram on it. Then she dipped a golden quill into the golden ink and sketched something, mostly resembling a suitcase. Then some stick-legs and a feather duster tail were added to the suitcase.
Now it was time for the face. You can think of a cow’s face right? Well the queen couldn’t think of it at all. She just couldn’t! But she bravely shook off the excess ink of golden quill, and began to sketch the face as well as she could: a dot for an eye, a dot for the other, a comma for the nose… and the ears, can’t forget the ears! And the horns - it’s a cow after all…
The suitcase with a human face was happily waving its feather duster tail, and chewing a daisy. And it was smiling. It was smiling ear to ear!
The queen awkwardly shrugged and showed the boy her masterpiece. And the boy’s stern gaze suddenly lightened:
“Mom, oh mommy! What a wonderful cow! It’s just what I wanted… I wanted it to smile – just like that!”
And the young prince started hopping on one foot with delight, and then he even spun on his heel around himself – he was the only one who was allowed to turn his back to the queen after all!
The queen looked at him and thought: “That’s him, that’s my little boy. The future king, he’s just and generous!” – Then she looked at her drawing and corrected herself: - “No, just generous… He’ll grow up and abolish the royal taxes, the capital punishment; he’ll disband the army… He’ll send the whole kingdom to hell! No, I really should be stricter…”
And she kissed the little boy right on his tiny, sweaty, freckled nose.
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