"Царь зверей", Сергей Седов.

Once upon a time, all of the creatures in the stuffed animal section of a toy store decided that they needed to choose a king.
Everyone immediately agreed that a lion should rule over them, but which one? The issue was that there was a total of three different lions in the store: the first one was giant in size, the second had a booming voice, and the third was small and quiet.
“Let the Giant Lion be our king!” said the ancient turtle who had been in the toy store the longest out of any of the animals. “A king like him will be well respected and feared by everyone: even the bath toys, the wooden soldiers, and the robot-transformers!”
And just like that, the Giant Lion became king of the stuffed animals. Immediately, he shoved two elephants and three monkeys off of the most prestigious, top shelf, climbed up and took their spot, ruling over the others in all his magnificents. The creatures of the stuffed animal section crowded bellow him on the floor. They all bowed to him, and couldn’t help but think, “Now this is a true king!”
And suddenly, the king was bought! The little boy who bought him was named Sammy. He was six years old, and very small for his age. Sammy never would have seen the Giant Lion if the stuffed animal hadn’t climbed up onto the top shelf, and if he wasn’t so giant and magnificent.
“We lost our king!” exclaimed the ancient turtle. “But we won’t sulk! Life will go on and the Loud Lion can be our new king!”
Everyone cheered in agreement, since they all desperately wanted a king.
The Loud Lion immediately started to roar with his loud voice, “ROARRRRR!”
He roared so loud, that not only did all the stuffed animals go quiet, but so did the bath toys, wooden soldiers, and robot-transformers. Even the games in the arcade stopped shooting, and the mini tanks and cars stopped honking. Two of the sales clerks fainted, and the old, oak table in the director’s office shook.
The stuffed animals looked at the Loud Lion in awe, thinking, “Now this is a true king!”
But at that exact moment, Johnny came into the toy store. He was listening to loud music in his headphones, but he still heard the Lion since his roar was so loud! Without hesitation, Johnny bought the Loud Lion. He loved loud things.
The poor animals didn’t know what to do! They just couldn’t come to terms with such a big loss. Many of the creatures cried even though moisture was horrible for a stuffed animals health, they just couldn’t help it! And then the ancient turtle spoke again, “Don’t cry, stuffed animals, we still have a third Lion. And yes, he might be small and quiet, but he is a lion nonetheless.”
And so the Quiet and Small Lion became the king of the animals. He was also a very humble ruler; he never jumped out in front, or yearned to be the center of attention, always making sure to be hidden behind the backs of the elephants and hippos. The people coming through the store never noticed him, so he ruled on, ruled in the stuffed animal section of the toy store. He continues to rule there even now. And you might wonder why the animals always behave so well, never argue, never fight, never even go to war against the robots? Well it’s all because they know that somewhere close is their king, unnoticeable and quiet…
But if any of you kids do find the Quiet and Small Lion in the stuffed animal section, or even buy him, the Lion, to be perfectly honest, will be very glad. Being the king is great, but being someone’s favorite toy is always better. And don’t worry about the stuffed animals of the toy store. If the rumors are true, a whole new shipment of lions is arriving soon, with maybe seven, or even eight lions!
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