Станислав ВОСТОКОВ Зуб

From the book "Trees make wind"
by Stanislav Vostokov

This morning my front tooth started wiggling. I was very scared! On the way to pre-school I kept on touching and touching it with my tongue and I couldn't stop.
When I announced to my classmates that my tooth was wiggling, everyone wanted to look at it. One by one they wiggled it until it became even more loose as if it was hanging by a thread.
Yulia said:
"You might be sick with a bad disease. My mom says there is a type of bad disease that makes all your teeth fall out."
Then Losev arrived. He was late.
When someone told him, that I have a loose tooth, he wanted to wiggle it too.
Losev put his hand into my mouth and pulled my tooth so hard that it came out.
"Don't worry," Losev said. "I can easily hammer it back. Give me something heavy!"
Masha was terrified. She ran to the teacher and told her that my teeth were falling out.
"That's all right," Vera Alexandrovna said. "By the time you are ten, all your teeth will have fallen out."
"What do you mean all?" I was horrified."How am I going to eat?"
"You are going to grow new teeth. They will be permanent. The ones you have now are baby teeth."
Losev nodded:
"Now I understand why they are so wiggly."
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